Alex Bremner, Team Rider

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Charlie Hay, Team Rider

Dragged down the lake to try cable wakeboarding during the summer of 2010. Lots of front edges later and now you can’t drag me away. Really enjoy riding, it’s taken me a little bit longer to get confident with my riding but have really found I’ve progressed this season with a couple new air tricks under my belt.

Dale Crossley

Dale Crossley, Team Rider

I’m Dale Crossley, I’ve been lucky and grown up around the world but for my sins I’m now living in Hampshire, England. I fell into Wakeboarding by accident while living in Germany in spring 2009 and I’ve never looked back. I enjoy the pursuit of the next “big trick” and the buzz that follows when I stomp it!!



James Matthews, Team Rider

Background – REME Class one VM, Lcpl, originally from essex, started of kitesurfing and progressed on to be army champion, moved over to cable wakeboarding due to its reliability and the obstacles, loved it so gave up kitesurfing alltogether, favourite trick, backrolls to revert or backside tail press… Next trick on the cards is an s bend.


James Walker, Team Rider

My name is James Walker from Devon.  Joined the Army as a Royal Engineer in 2002 and am currently posted at 3 RSME in Surrey.   I have always been a keen sportsman and I started wakeboarding in 2009, getting hooked instantly.  I love it for the social characteristics and just want to see how far I can push myself in the sport with my team mates.

Go big or go home!


KT, Team Rider

KT started life on the pond at an early age – originally employed as a ‘Grom’ at JBSki doing all sorts of jobs in exchange for cable time. He was soon progressing both on the water and with the jobs he did – becoming a cable operator and boat driver, coaching both waterskiers and wakeboarders. KT a former Pro-rider, has spent a long time on the professional circuit riding all over the world. He has ridden at cables in South Africa, Europe, Australia, Turkey and the USA.


Luke Crossley, Team Rider

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Rowan Crossley, Coder, Geek!

I live a life of ssh sessions, coding stints, server trawling, colour highlighted syntax and artificial bots!.. I’m a respected coder who loves to bend the boundries of whats really possible… I like to sit behind my computer and get lost in the world of Cybertron!. I was born in space and sent to this world to code! My skills reside in my finger tips and the keyboard is my tool of choice. Enjoy the site!


Sam Blackshaw, Team Rider

Originally from Sheffield I am currently posted to Army HQ in Andover.  Whilst being posted to Germany I tried wakeboarding but it wasn’t until I had a go on a System 2 cable at Just Wake last autumn that I got hooked.  System 2s allow beginners to progress quickly and gave me loads of confidence to hit the obstacles and ride switch, which was beneficial when I went to ride at a full cable.


Sarrah Daffern, Team Rider

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Simon Tomkinson, Team Rider

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Simon Warren, Team Rider

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